OBS Workshops = Lifestyle Changes


OBS is proud to offer workshops right here in NYC. Our workshops are based on the principle of implementing simple “lifestyle” changes for optimum health benefits. Each workshop differs slightly and is tailored to fit the needs of each and every student. Past workshops have included outdoor, indoor, detox-based, core based, yoga based, & destination beach workouts. Each workshop varies in price & offers a theme based on our concepts of  Energy, Fire, & Passion. Day rates are available on a cash only basis and are pro-rated per workshop. To receive our discounted rates, workshops must be booked  in advance.




2-hour Yoga & Nutrition Workshop)

October 29th, 2017 

Sunday  3-5p


“Healing from the Inside Out" delves deeply into attachments  and addictions through  Together, we will set, maintain, and achieve personal goals for the month and year-round. Healthy tips on portion control, detoxification, nutrition,  and stress management through the physical applications of yoga theories and asana practices are discussed. This FIRE & PASSION based workshop takes place indoors and includes 8 hours of in-depth core & resistance training over 4 weeks. Daily  “fit-tips” and healthy recipes will be posted on Facebook. Flight/accommodations - if needed - must be booked separately.


Total Worth: $1,000 USD (entire workshop)

Early Registration DISCOUNT price is $500 USD or €398 EURO




"Lifestyle" (1 week)

 May 25 -31st, 2016 - Memorial Day Weekend 


Spring into a new "Lifestyle" with this week-long Energy, Fire, & Passion workshop. Experience Dalmatian cuisine along the coastline & recharge with Croatia's scenic landscapes. Live off the land and sustain on fresh picked figs, dalmatian sir, fresh fish from the Adriatic, organic and dried meats, natural local vegetables, and home made preserves. Vegans and meat lovers alike will have plenty to feast on in this natural oasis of plenty. This is the perfect holiday vacation for athletes, yogis, or anyone wanting to workout and vacation in paradise. Flight/accommodations - if needed - must be booked separately. Email:  OBS@OrganicBodySculpting.com for further details. 


Total Worth: $2,175 (per workshop)

Early Registration DISCOUNT price is $1,700 USD or €1,346 EURO 





"Rock Muscial Theatre Workshop" Tour

April - August 2016



This 4 Day Intensive draws on Amy and Nikki's musical theatre and various professional stage experiences. This workshop focuses on classic to contemporary musicals and rock operas, preparing dancers to work professionally in these genres. The intensive includes:


-3 hours per day of class & rehearsal

-staging, technique, across the floor work, partnering is taught each day

-learn one entire song and routine over 4 days

-minimum of 10 registered students for partner work and staging

-on the last day, you can invite your friends to see you perform! Yes! A little show!


Technique, style, character, and performance quality are greatly emphasized throughout the class. 

Total Worth: $1,500 USD (entire workshop)

Early Registration DISCOUNT price is $170 USD or  €150 EURO

Advance registration is advised!!!




July  2016 - "Femme Chic Dance & Passion Yoga"

Monday 18th - Saturday 23rd

Studio Harmonic


Nikki & Amy are back with Femme Chic Dance & Passion Yoga in Paris @ STUDIO HARMONIC!! Commercial Pop  is a fun dynamic commercial dance class based on Nikki’s extensive background as a dancer. Class traditionally starts with a thorough group warm up of body isolations, crunches, and stretching. Choreography is then taught in an add-on format, and students are divided into groups at the end of class. This class provides a supportive environment, where students are encouraged to support each other through applause and positive reinforcement. Some prior dance training is recommended. Commercial Cabaret in Heels is based on Amy’s formal training in jazz, tap, & contemporary, this class combines her expertise in burlesque and pole dancing to build strength and performance dynamics by learning choreography in heels.  All levels are welcome. Passion Yoga teaches dancers how to fully connect breath to and through movement. Focus is brought inward to prepare you mentally, physically, & spiritually for challenges we face "off the mat." Benefits of Passion include increased flexibility, a stronger core, improved posture, and a depper connection to our journey in dance through movement of the body, mind, and spirit.  Aromatherapy and essential oils are used to deepen the awareness and heighten the senses. Treat yourselves and open the door to trust with our non-gender specific classes. 


All Classes must be purchased through Studio Harmonic 




   “Relaxation & Restoration” (1 week)

Available Year Round

La Palmeraie Boutique Hotel



Experience a yoga retreat like no other in absolute paradise. This beautiful island, set in the midst of the Indian Ocean, is one of my favorite places in the world. Boasting of crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, the island of Mauritius is absolutely majestic and a must see. Start your mornings off with 5 days of satsang and meditation. A gentle Passion flow class is then followed by aqua lessons in the pool (optional). Take the rest of your day to venture into town, book a day trip to  Port Louis, rejuvenate and energize with a mud bath at The "Mogador Spa," enjoy a complimentary snorkeling tour on a glass bottomed boat, or simply lounge on the beach. Awarded the Holiday Check Award in 2013, this hidden gem is nature’s gift of restoration and preservation. Flight/accommodations - if needed - must be booked separately. **Please know that training will take place at this resort, but personal accommodations may vary. This workshop can be booked at any time. Mimimum of 3 months' notice is required.

Total Worth: $1,875 (per workshop)

Early Registration DISCOUNT price is $1,700 USD or €1,346 EURO



   “Balance, Preserve, & Restore” 

Available Year Round

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa


Having personally stayed at this unbelievable resort and spa, I confirm your experience of a yoga retreat unlike any other. This heavenly island, set in the midst of the Indian Ocean, is one of my favorite places in the world. Surronded on all sides by crystal clear waters and powder white sand, the resort occupies the entire island of Dhigu, and feels as if it is your own personal island! For me, it is by far the best beach I have ever experienced, the most tranquil place on earth, and a must see. This retreat must be booked in advanced. You will start your mornings off with satsang and meditation, as the heavenly colors of the sky awaken your senses. A gentle Passion flow class is then followed by aqua lessons in the luxurious infinity pool, which overlooks a free-standing hammock in the middle of the ocean. Take the rest of your day to rejuvenate and energize with a spa bath in the privacy of your own suite, book a healing massage session, or simply walk through clear waters to a sister island nearby and have a cocktail on the beach before sitting on a free standing swing in the ocean. This hidden gem is nature’s purest gift of restoration and preservation. Flight & accommodations must be booked separately and cost of training depends on your desired length of stay.**Please know that training can take place anywhere on this island's resort, and that this workshop can be booked at any time. Mimimum of 3 months' notice is required.


Submit here for a booking inquiry.






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